Dec. 26/27, 1955 Hawaii/Fiji

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Miles Today – 3190. Miles to Date – 8628

This morning had a shower, Hawaiian breakfast.
Went to the beach and saw the International Surfboard Championships. Took pictures galore. Swam in Waikiki Beach. Was very hot, the water and the air. Later, I swam in the hotel’s pool.

Honolulu is beautiful in daylight, too. Saw Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Palm trees
and banyans all over. Beautiful, luxurious!

Flew from Honolulu at 2:30PM. Had lunch at the airport restaurant. Very swish.
[Mr. W. Woolett, Manager of CPA for South Pacific Region, hosted our lunch at the Honolulu Airport.]

Crossed International dateline and equator. Stopped at Fiji to pick up people, got new crew. Humidity is 90% or over, all the time. Temperature at night is 80F. Only 8 degrees below equator. Gad, I dripped.

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