Jan. 1, 1956 Jamboree

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Miles Today – 0. Miles to Date – 11828

Still mud. What a mess outside. We cooked for the 5th Sandringham today, our hosts. We cooked chops for breakfast [and introduced those Aussies to warm toast!] and steak for supper.

[When I was getting wood from the woodpile, a blue-tongued lizard streaked off in the other direction. I let out a whoop that wakened the entire Jamboree, I’m sure. It was only three or four feet long, mostly tail but hey, I’d never seen a lizard up close and personal before!]

This morning we didn’t do much as we had the cooking to do. This afternoon the sun shone and everything dried up. The heat was so terrific.

Dave Sadleir and I went around the campsite taking pictures. We found Mr. Nichols – Commissioner for Victoria, the friend of Mr. Hansen – and gave him Mr. Hansen’s book.

[Mr. Hansen was a prominent member of St. Timothy’s church in Toronto, a big supporter of the 125th cubs and scouts and a good friend of my Dad.]

Today was visitors’ day and there were millions of people here. We signed countless autographs and had our pictures taken, too.

Tonight, we had a party and open house for our hosts. We served pop, etc.

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