Sat. Dec. 31, 1955 Jamboree

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Miles Today – 0. Miles to Date – 11828

Got rubber boots today. Hallelujah. Got Coleman lantern for our tent. Sun shone and things started to dry out.In the afternoon, we had our opening marchpast parade. The Governor of Victoria, Sir Dallas Brooks, took the salute. 17,000 guys stood around to hear the opening address. There are 20 or so nations here.

When we got back, we spent about half an hour getting our pictures taken. The meals were lousy and uncooked

After supper, we did some more swapping, then we went down to the great campfire for a New Year’s campfire. We had to sing three Canuck songs – pretty good. At 12:00 midnight, I felt very much like wanting to be at home.

After, we came back to the tent and had a party of Mrs. Ritchie’s candies. Still raining and six inches of mud.

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