Sun., Dec. 25, 1955. Hawaii

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Waikiki Beach. Miles Today – 2738. Miles to Date – 5438

Got to Honolulu 11:00 PM (4AM the next day EST). At night, the city is beautiful.

Christmas Day. No snow. Here in Hawaii it is 74 degrees at night.
Felt a bit sick at first but view of Vancouver from the air is magnificent. All in all, the flight was marvellous. We had turkey and steak dinners on the plane.Taxi took us to Princess Kaiulani Hotel on Waikiki Beach. The answer to a dream. Brand new, deluxe rooms, porch, wall to wall rugs. Porch overlooks Waikiki, beautiful swimming pool, magnificent view. All sorts of handsome people and cars wandering around. Luxury is the only word.

Yesterday, we had a bit of a Christmas at Jones’s house. The day was bright and clear. Said goodbye and flew off at 2:30 PM.

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