Sun. Jan. 15, 1956 – Sandringham

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Miles Today – 80. Miles to Date – 12670

Got up this morning and into uniform to leave at 10:00AM for Gilwell Park, place where wood badges are taken. All Canucks and billets and their families went.

We saw the chapel (done by one man) and the campfire and the totem signed by B.P. Very impressive. Scouters from foreign countries (14 of them, PPJ fellows) were trying their tests.

We had a picnic lunch there and then went up to the top of Mount Dandenong to see right across the plain to the bay. {Port Phillip Bay]. Very wonderful sight.

Came home and went swimming again in the surf. Boy, it’s terrific.

After supper, went over to Tuan’s mother’s place for a sing-song and a snack. [Tuan was the scouting name for John Nankervis.] We brought our billets along and chewed the fat till 11:30. Another busy day gone by.


Tomorrow is a free day. Boy, am I looking forward to it.

Mrs. Gibbs at Picnic

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