Thur. Jan. 12 1956 – Shepparton, Victoria

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Miles today – 140. Miles to Date – 12478

Woke up at 7 AM to go swimming. Had breakfast, then sort of talked till 10:30 when we left. All the houses have johns outside.

Passed through more wheat and sheep country. Saw some gold mines. Cooked lamb chops at Bendigo. Fairly large town.

Went on the Elmore and stopped for gas. A lady asked us in for tea. Went on to Shepparton. Country very flat. Got stopped on the road by a load of sheep.

Shepparton is a nice town, quite large. Met by leading citizens and given a banquet. Very terrific. We were given free admission to the show.

Staying with Mr. & Mrs. Coates. Their son is about my age. Very nice house and people. Outdoor privy again. The number of ancient cars in Australia is amazing.

Coates Family in Shepparton

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