Thurs, Dec. 22, 1955. West of Field BC

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Miles today – 890. Miles to Date – 2220

We have been stopped for the last two hours by a snowslide.

We had to back up three miles so plow could get ahead of us.

All day we passed over flat prairie. Nothing but flat and rolling. Medicine Hat quite hilly, then more flat. Got some good pictures, I hope.

Cluster of squares out of flat emptiness form a town. Great country.

We left Calgary at 5:30 pm. From then on mountains started. Beautiful, awe-inspiring. Most rugged, powerful scenery in the world, I’m sure.

It has been dark in the mountain part but moon and spotlight do a fair job. From the dome, mountains can be seen.

Know everyone of train staff.

[At supper, met two Air Force chaps on their way to Vancouver. First Christmas home in three years. They’d been in Germany]


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