Tues. Dec. 20, 1955. Sudbury

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Miles Today – 260.

[I travelled to Vancouver in a sleeper car on CPR’s “The Canadian”]

Left Toronto 5 p:m. Had tremendous supper. Read a bit. Talked to Captain Irvin, friend of Mac McCutcheon, from Port Arthur.

Time: 12:15AM [the 21st]. Been in Sudbury since 11:15 pm. Just leaving now. In bed.

[9:30PM, Mr. Irvin, Captain of the Golden Hind, biggest lake freighter – grain. Salt water ticket too. $1200 month – 3.5 months off a year. Bound for 3 months in Florida. Good friend of the “Mac” McCutcheons.]

Did geometry then went up to observation deck. Saw nothing but rock, rock, rock & snow. Most desolate scenery at night. Train lights make the scene rather queer.

Sudbury was 20 below 0F. We got off, had coffee, went outside. Nostrils froze on inside – very weird.

Now I hit the sack.

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