Tues. Jan. 10,1956. Horsham, Victoria

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Miles Today – 150. Miles to Date – 12248

Had a wonderful night’s sleep. Got a decent shave and a bath last night plus two real square meals. Felt like a million dollars.

Got picked up about 8:15 and left on our journey at about 11 as Mr. Kennison had some business at Sunshine plant.

Passed through wheat, sheep, dairy and garden farming area of Victoria. The farms were very impressive

Had lunch in the town of Ballarat. Just other side of Ballarat was the Avenue of Honour. 3900 trees planted on both sides of the road for 14 miles commemorating war dead of that area. Really beautiful and striking. Saw huge glacial boulders.

Staying at house of John Jolly who was at the Jamboree. Good head, family nice. Old house, outdoor privy, farm house. Terrific supper. Was on radio tonight. Ah bed.

Mr. Jolly and son, John.

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