Tues. Jan. 17, 1956 – Yallourn

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Miles Today – 300. Miles to Date – 12970

Got up at 7:30AM to leave at 8:30 for Yallourn. Arrived there at 11 and first went to look at the open cut, brown coal mine. It was huge. The area of the coal is 41 square miles and is 800′ thick. [Below just 30′ of overburden on average.] We saw all the huge machines at work.

Then we saw the briquette factory where they dry the coal and compress it for household use. Very dusty but fascinating

Then we saw the steam power plant. It’s so huge that it provides all of Victoria’s electricity. 18 boilers, each 5 stories high. Unbelievable!

We then drove down to the coast to Phillip Island [Cowes] to see the penguins. They are about 1′ high and every night they swim about 80 miles to this beach to nest. They were really tame and queer looking. It was too dark to get pictures of them. Might storm tonight.

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