Wed. Dec. 28, 1955 Pan Pacific Jamboree

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Melbourne, Australia. Miles Today – 3200. Miles to Date – 11828

Early this morning we touched down at Auckland, New Zealand. The country is really beautiful from the air, like Prince Edward Island.

The mechanics had to replace spark plugs in Auckland. Then, on the way to Sydney, one of the engines quit and we had to land on three.

In Sydney, we were met by Mr. Hunt and Mr. Knight. Pictures were taken. We were taken to lunch at Pymble Club, then went on a tour over the famous Sydney Bridge and around the city and to the beaches. Man, is Sydney ever huge. It’s montrous and beautiful. The houses, shops and people are all so different from what you would see in Toronto. The driving really throws you because they drive on the left.

[Had lunch with Mr. Hunt & Mr. Knight of Australian Massey Harris, at the Pymble Golf Club. They took us on a short tour of Sydney.]

At. 6:00PM we flew by ANSETT airlines to Melbourne. It was raining and had been for days. My shoes were mud but our tent had been erected. Destination achieved.

[I’d bought a new pair of shiny black patent leather shoes to look smart at the Jamboree. They were completely soaked and mud-covered on the first day of the Jamboree and were never quite the same again.]

Auckland, NZ Airportleaving new zealand

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