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As wonderful as the Jamboree experience was, coming back was difficult.  I’d missed school for the entire month of January and now I had to make it up as well as learn the current curriculum.  It was very difficult.  Also, I had fallen in love with Australia and my greatest desire was to, some day, return.  To that end, I embarked on another journey a few years later.  That story will be forthcoming some time in the future.

Meanwhile, the memory of that adventure lingers on.

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  1. Evert E. Klingbergon 02 Nov 2010 at 12:47 pm


    Many thanks for sharing your story (our experience). My son Eric discovered your redition since the introduction listed me as “Eric” as it should been Evert.

    Likewise my wife and I returned to Australia in 2005 for a two week tour landing in Melbourne, touring Adelaide, Kangaroo Island Cains, Great Barrier Reef and Sydney.

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