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Boy Scout Jamboree – Australia

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From December 20, 1955 to January 30, 1956, I was privileged to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime as one of the six scouts and two leaders chosen to represent Canada for the first time at the Pan-Pacific Jamboree at Clifford Park near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The Jamboree officially opened December 30, 1955 and officially […]

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Flying Times and Altitudes

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Vancouver to Honolulu – 11 hours @ 10,000′ Honolulu to Fiji – 13 hours @ 12,000′ Fiji to Aukland – 5 hours @ 13,500′ Aukland to Sydney – 2 hours @ 8,000′ [Didn’t record times on the way back] Sydney to Aukland @ 19.000′ Aukland to Fiji @ 16,500′ Fiji to Canton Island @ 11,000′ […]

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Tues. Dec. 20, 1955. Sudbury

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Miles Today – 260. [I travelled to Vancouver in a sleeper car on CPR’s “The Canadian”] Left Toronto 5 p:m. Had tremendous supper. Read a bit. Talked to Captain Irvin, friend of Mac McCutcheon, from Port Arthur. Time: 12:15AM [the 21st]. Been in Sudbury since 11:15 pm. Just leaving now. In bed. [9:30PM, Mr. Irvin, […]

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Wed. Dec. 21, 1955. Winnipeg

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Miles Today – 1070. Miles to Date – 1330.4 Train is, at this point. 2.5 hours behind. Will pick up on prairie. Took 16 pictures today. I don’t know how they came out – if they came out. White River was 30F below 0. We went outside to take pictures. Met Eric Turcotte on train. […]

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Thurs, Dec. 22, 1955. West of Field BC

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Miles today – 890. Miles to Date – 2220 We have been stopped for the last two hours by a snowslide. We had to back up three miles so plow could get ahead of us. All day we passed over flat prairie. Nothing but flat and rolling. Medicine Hat quite hilly, then more flat. Got […]

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Friday, Dec. 23, 1955 Vancouver

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Miles Today – 5. Miles to Date – 2700. Warm and Rainy. Snowslide held us up for 4 hours last night. Arrived in Vancouver 6.5 hours late. The mountains were absolutely indescribable. Never before has man been able to see such spectacles as these mountains and that train trip through the Rockies. I finished my […]

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Saturday, Dec. 24, 1955 – Vancouver

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Miles Today – 0. Miles to Date – 2700 Rained all day, clearing in late afternoon. Christmas Eve and no snow! Very strange. Slept till 11:30 this morning. Mr. Jones took me on a tour of part of the city. Saw English Bay, the beaches, swank section of town, the airport, the log booms of […]

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Sun., Dec. 25, 1955. Hawaii

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Waikiki Beach. Miles Today – 2738. Miles to Date – 5438 Got to Honolulu 11:00 PM (4AM the next day EST). At night, the city is beautiful. Christmas Day. No snow. Here in Hawaii it is 74 degrees at night.Felt a bit sick at first but view of Vancouver from the air is magnificent. All […]

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Dec. 26/27, 1955 Hawaii/Fiji

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Miles Today – 3190. Miles to Date – 8628 This morning had a shower, Hawaiian breakfast. Went to the beach and saw the International Surfboard Championships. Took pictures galore. Swam in Waikiki Beach. Was very hot, the water and the air. Later, I swam in the hotel’s pool. Honolulu is beautiful in daylight, too. Saw […]

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Wed. Dec. 28, 1955 Pan Pacific Jamboree

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Melbourne, Australia. Miles Today – 3200. Miles to Date – 11828 Early this morning we touched down at Auckland, New Zealand. The country is really beautiful from the air, like Prince Edward Island. The mechanics had to replace spark plugs in Auckland. Then, on the way to Sydney, one of the engines quit and we […]

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