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Jan. 1, 1956 Jamboree

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Miles Today – 0. Miles to Date – 11828 Still mud. What a mess outside. We cooked for the 5th Sandringham today, our hosts. We cooked chops for breakfast [and introduced those Aussies to warm toast!] and steak for supper. [When I was getting wood from the woodpile, a blue-tongued lizard streaked off in the […]

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Mon. Jan. 2, 1956 Jamboree

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Miles Today -0. Miles to Date – 11828 Heard today that Mr. Nichols in on the New Year’s Roster of the Queen and had received the Order British Empire from the Queen. He’s a very nice man and well deserves that great honour. Had an invite to tea at the camp of the 1st Toronto […]

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Tuesday, Jan. 3 Jamboree

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Miles today – 0.  Miles to date – 11828. Got invite to N.Z. for supper tomorrow night. In the morning, we heard the famous Australian naturalist Crosby Morrison speak on Australian animals. Went to Rover moot in Rover camp today. At lunch there, met Peter Graves who had rovered in U.K., Hamilton Canada, N.Z. & will for […]

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Wed., Jan. 4, 1956 Jamboree

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Miles Today – 0. Miles to Date – 11828 Had a good sleep. Woke up late to rain. It rained all day again. It’s rained every day since we’ve been here. The place is an absolute mudhole. I must get pictures of it. We built a bridge for our front this afternoon. Tonight, we (Eric […]

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Thur. Jan. 5, 1956 Jamboree

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Miles Today – 0. Miles to Date – 11828 This morning was spent fixing up our gateway and front and making racks for our packs and display as Lord Rowallan, Colonel Oldham, the camp chief, and “Boss” James, our sub-camp chief visited us. They talked to each of us and we gave them a few […]

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Fri. Jan. 6, 1956. Jamboree/Melbourne

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Miles Today – 80. Miles to Date – 11908 Woke up very early to get to the bus at 8:15. These buses are about 2/3 the size of ours and can’t move over 30mph. We got into Melbourne about 10:00AM. We saw the Olympic track and swimming pool still under construction. We saw the Victoria […]

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Sat., Jan. 7, 1956 Jamboree.

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Miles Today – 0. Miles to Date – 11908 Woke up to a beaudiful sunny day. Everything is sunny and very, very hot and all dried up. This morning we spent sleeping it off and generally cleaning ourselves up and hanging things to dry. Went to lunch at West Australia, then spent the afternoon lolling […]

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Sun. Jan. 8, 1956 Jamboree

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Miles Today – 140. Miles to Date – 12048 Awoke at 6AM to get to crossroads at 6:30 AM for tour. Mr. Bert Rudd & Doctor Steele took us to see the mountain ash forest. Trees average 300′ high, 10′ girth. Gum trees – white bark. Whole area had been burned in 1938. New forest […]

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