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Friday, Dec. 23, 1955 Vancouver

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Miles Today – 5. Miles to Date – 2700. Warm and Rainy. Snowslide held us up for 4 hours last night. Arrived in Vancouver 6.5 hours late. The mountains were absolutely indescribable. Never before has man been able to see such spectacles as these mountains and that train trip through the Rockies. I finished my […]

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Saturday, Dec. 24, 1955 – Vancouver

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Miles Today – 0. Miles to Date – 2700 Rained all day, clearing in late afternoon. Christmas Eve and no snow! Very strange. Slept till 11:30 this morning. Mr. Jones took me on a tour of part of the city. Saw English Bay, the beaches, swank section of town, the airport, the log booms of […]

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