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Can We Talk?

My Day in Court

Actually, this morning was the third time I’ve had to appear in court over the same issue. Here are the facts. (The defendant didn’t show up for the previous two sessions.)

In February of 2005, I presented a candidate to company “B”, having first presented him verbally, at which time I was asked to submit his resume which I did. Subsequent phone calls regarding the suitablility of my candidate remained unanswered until I finally got to speak to the Sales Manager who told me that he had printed the resume and given it to the owner. “It’s his call. I don’t know what he did.”

I kind of dropped that after a time, thinking they just didn’t like his resume. Read more…

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Baby Boy Comes Home

I was so proud of myself. I actually lost all my baby weight in the hospital and came home slim. I was weak, though. The stitches hurt and I had lower back pain. But the suitcase was packed and husband was there to pick us up and take us home.

As soon as we got home, husband snapped. He started to scream, threw the suitcase down, the baby started to cry and so did I. I was confused. I thought this ought to be a happy moment. Instead, I was made to feel guilty for having our son. It didn’t make any sense. He behaved so strangely, as though he resented this other little person coming into his life.

In the middle of the tirade, friend Margaret walked in and comforted me. She claimed her husband behaved in the same exact way. She helped me to set up the change table. She helped me with the formula. I don’t know what I would have done without her, at that time. Read more…

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I Miss Winter

It is now late November and no sign of snow. Oh, maybe I saw about three snowflakes a few weeks ago drifting by my window. That’s it so far. The weather forecast is warm for all of next week, too.

The same thing happened last year. Except for two very cold weeks just before Christmas, the rest of the “winter” was a non-event. We ended up driving to Algonquin Park in January and stayed at a resort. They had snow but it was a four hour road trip to get there.

I remember winter as it should be. Back in the sixties, we got loads of snow. It was always exciting around Christmas but later we’d start cursing it. I recall at least three good snowstorms every winter – sometimes more. There’d be one in January one in February and one in March. You could count on it. I even remember a snowstorm on April 1. That happened in the mid-seventies.

Strangely, the trees still do their thing in that they turn their beautiful autumn shades and then the leaves slowly drop off. But where is the snow in Southern Ontario? Global warming. Thank God, I’m getting on in years and won’t live to see the planet burn up.

Our summers are getting hotter and longer with each passing year, I’ve noticed. Hotter, longer and more humid. On top of that, with the ever increasing number of cars on the highways, the smog is getting more dense. I wonder if Niagara Falls will form it’s icebridge this year. I bet it won’t.

Seems it all started a few years back with el nino. That was supposed to be a fluke. So why isn’t it getting back to “normal”? The environmentalists have been warning us for years but did anyone listen? No. Now, every former head of state seems to be jumping on the environment bandwagon.  Too little, too late.

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Having a Baby

It was getting close to Christmas, my family was coming to stay with us for a couple of weeks. I was pregnant out to there but the baby just didn’t want to come out just yet. Every day, I’d walk and walk, climb hills and generally do everything I could think of to make it happen. Finally, my doctor admitted me to hospital and proceeded with the saline drip to induce labour.

I checked into hospital on the Sunday night. Monday morning, I got the usual shave and enema as such were the indignities we had to endure at that time. At 9AM the drip began. It was a bit of a pain because I had to get up and take that whole tree with me whenever I went to the bathroom. Just the same, I managed.

All day long there were a string of visitors. One of the girls decided to put makeup on me because she felt it was proper to greet the new baby looking one’s best. Read more…

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OJ Simpson

I was watching CNN last night.  Fred Goldman and his daughter were being interviewed.  Apparently, OJ has written a book and was interviewed about how he would have killed his wife and lover if he had done it.  I won’t comment until I get a chance to read it.

Good old Fred was in a rage over this – over OJ’s behaviour.  To my surprise, I discovered that OJ had not paid one red penny to Goldman.  If you recall, he’d been sued for wrongful death and lost.  He was to have paid Goldman 33Million.

Here is where my eyes cross.  How is it possible that you can be declared “Not Guilty” in a court of law and then have to face a civil suit?  That doesn’t sound right.  If you’re declared “Not Guilty” then that’s it.  You’re a free person.  How can it be that people can say “I didn’t like that verdict, so I’m going for a civil suit”.  Furthermore, that is only done when the accused has a lot of money.  It’s a money grabber.  You don’t even need a unanimous vote, just a majority. 

So, good old Goldman has had to live without the 33Million he was counting on.  Seems he’s tried going to court but recently that suit was thrown out.  He’s going to try again to get his hands on the proceeds of the book.  Give it up, Goldman.

What I want to know is, who’s paying for Goldman’s legal bills.  We know he doesn’t have any money and these law suits don’t come cheap.  Somebody is paying his bills and I’d love to know who. 

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