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Can We Talk?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, One and All

My treeIt’s a week before Christmas.  I’m ready this time.  I had the cards done before the end of November.  I had the presents bought the beginning of December and the tree has been up for a week – an 8 foot balsam.  And a beauty it is at that. 

It would be nice if retail didn’t depend quite so much on Christmas sales.  The first hint of Christmas advertising began in August, would you believe?  I’m sick of being pushed to buy stuff – or made to feel guilty because I didn’t buy everyone on the street a present.  

I love getting out in the malls just before Christmas to watch all the people run hither and thither buying last minute gifts.  I like going out for lunch on those days.  It feels festive, somehow.  No pressure.  Why?  Because I did all that weeks ago and now I can watch the excitement and enjoy it all.

Well, that’s what I like about Christmas.  I hope you all have a wonderful time.  It only comes once a year so enjoy.

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