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Can We Talk?

John McCain, the “Great American”?

Am I the only one sick and tired of hearing what a “great American” John McCain is?  Why?  Because he was shot down and held prisoner of war?  So what?  How about all the other thousands of men held as prisoners of war?  Does that mean they should all become President?  Does that mean they are all “great Americans”? 

Get real. 

McCain can’t even inspire a hungry dog to come for a bone.  Even Joe the plumber doesn’t heed his call.  He is boring.  He makes no sense.  Imagine talking to crowds of struggling Americans and telling them there is no way he’d ever increase taxes on big business nor lower theirs.  Perhaps he’s afraid he’d have to share his wealth. What an idiot.

So when Obama and others call McCain a great American, my high school Shakespeare “Julius Caesar” comes to mind.  To quote Mark Antony, “They are honorable men.  They are all honourable men” referring to the assassins. 

Never speak ill of a man when he’s down.  Those who have read books on “one-upsmanship” know that’s exactly when you should kick him.  Obama is a gentleman and a scholar and would never do that.  I’m not sure I could hold myself back.  Go, Obama.  Down with McCain.

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OBAMA – Man for our Time

Once he gets in, he better not let us down.  We’re counting on him to make things right.  For one, the hating has to stop.  Why are Americans turning on each other?

For another, Americans have to stop being the schoolyard bully.  You can’t exist when most of the world hates you.  You will come to a sorry end.

It’s hard not to seek retribution.  Will the evil regime be allowed to just fade into obscurity, never having to own up to their wrong-doings?  They have commited crimes against humanity.  They are war criminals.  They must be brought to justice.  I have my own deck of cards.

For some unknown reason, nobody seems to be bothered by George Bush Senior.  I remember when Noriega fell from grace after having been on the American payroll for 30 years or so.  Suddenly, they trumped up charges of drug smuggling and spying.  Then, George Senior simply sent the airforce to bomb Panama City killing 800 people.  Who in God’s name, gave him the right to do that?   He was never captured.  Noriega gave himself up.  How about those 800 dead Panamanians?  Does anyone care?  Does anyone even remember?  I think the Bush’s carry an evil gene.  They should not be allowed to reproduce.

I could go on but what’s the point?  Get out and vote for Obama.  He’s a good man.

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Highlights and Disappointments – Europe 2008


Hansi’s 50th Jubilee                                            
People of Polskava                                               
Eagle’s Nest
Getting to know extended family – Zacharias
Hausmanstätten – Zacharias cousins
Day with Rosa, Helga and Alois
Vienna – all of it
Schönbrunn Palace – Dinner at the Gloriette
Mozart and Strauss Concert in Schönbrunn


Hotel in Salzburg – tiny room – €140.00
T-Mobile – phone stopped working 5 days after purchase – could not get a refund
Dublin – all of it

I’ll keep updating as I think of things.

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