Can We Talk?

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Can We Talk?

Social Networking – ie: Facebook, Twitter etc.

I hate them.  Oh, I have signed up for both but I still hate them.  First off, what’s with all this “Friends” business?  These are not my friends.  They are barely acquaintances, much less friends.  So, the term annoys me.  Next, every conversation I’ve followed has been nothing short of  inane drivel.  A total waste of my time.  I don’t care what anybody wore to a party.  I don’t care that they went to a party.  And I certainly don’t care who was at the party.

As for any discussion on sports.  B-O-R-I-N-G.  Sure, I watch the odd football but then it’s over and I move on to other things.  I have a life. 

Is it any wonder girls get conned by someone claiming to be a teenage girl “friend” when in fact it’s some fat, bald, smelly old guy who is breathing heavily and playing with himself while watching these girls’ online bikini pictures.  What are these girls thinking?  That they are so beautiful and will be “discovered” by some Hollywood talent scout?  Fat Chance! 

And you mothers out there – you know who you are.  The ones who dress up 3 year old babies to look like adults and parade them in front of judges.  It’s distasteful, freakish and ghoulish.  You make me sick.  Little girls should be allowed to be little girls.  Same goes for little boys. 

Boy, did I just digress.

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