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Can We Talk?

I Won Another One

I am so thrilled, I can hardly stand it. I’ve won another ribbon. This time it was second prize in the Beginners Creative. The competition is real stiff in the Beginner’s category because most people are beginners. There were 160 entries. Of those 110 were Beginners.

I heard most people prefer to stay in Beginners because they’re afraid of the competition in Intermediate. I want to get into Intermediate as soon as possible.

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American Civil War Revisited

I didn’t even know this.  I would never have known this had the camera club not written me to let me know.  There was a re-enactment of the civil war in Milton.  Apparently, they do that every year.  The oddest thing was that I did not know that around 50,000 Canadians fought in that war – some for the north and some for the south.  Oh, they were paid for their efforts but still – I did not know that. 

Well, we took off for that event and, to my surprise, it was fun and so very interesting.  I couldn’t believe how seriously these people took their acting roles.  But, since a picture tells a thousand words, let’s do it. 
fighting men

More Pictures

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