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Can We Talk?

Vote for Obama in November!

He was totally trashed by the media who claimed he so lost the last debate.  Now the media is launching a whole new thing about tonight being crucial and everything weighing on it.  Crap.  If they want Obama in the trenches fighting dirty, it won’t happen although it would make much more interesting viewing.  He won the last election staying on the high road and my bet is, he’ll do the same this time around as well.

It’s easy to be trashing the incumbent when you have nothing  to lose.  Those who can, do.  Those who can’t, trash those who can.

Sure, the deficit is mind boggling.  Yes, there were bailouts everlasting starting with the banks.  What would have happened had he done nothing and just let them die?  Can you just imagine the public outcry?  Savings lost.  All money gone. What if he hadn’t bailed out the big two out of three auto companies?  (remember Ford didn’t need a bailout) There would have been a bloody revolution the likes of which you had never seen.

Jobs – where have they gone?  To China, of course and Mitt Romney is as guilty of having done just that along with countless others.

The economy is run by Wall Street and Wall Street is crooked and dirty.  Their only mantra is profit – mostly for themselves and secondly to their stockholders. Move manufacturing to where it’s cheap so profits jump on Wall Street and the CEO’s get bigger bonuses.


However, the economy is improving despite them.  People are spending more. Unemployment is dropping.  Everything is on the upswing.  The soldiers are coming home.  Broken men, to be sure, but they are coming home.  In Mitt’s world, they are part of the good-for-nothing-47 percent-leeches, along with all the other downtrodden.  Forget them.  Let them lie in the dirt and die.

God help them.

Vote for a president with a heart and a conscience.  Vote Obama.

BTW, these are my opinions and I’m not on anyone’s payroll.

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Let’s Talk About Hair

We all love it, spend a fortune on it, color it, trim it, wear it up, wear it down and all around.  Men lose it – women keep it.  Men admire a flowing mane.  Most men prefer long hair on their women so they can run their fingers through it.  But then, they don’t have to deal with it, either.

Now let’s talk about pubic hair.  Aha, I thought that would get your attention.  We girls get it when the hormones start pumping – in other words, puberty – and lose it when they stop – in other words, menopause.  In the time in between, we shave it, bleach it, pluck it – oh the pain we endure.  Why do we do it?  Why do women feel they have to be hairless.  Seems to me, the history behind it must be to prevent crab lice from making their home in a warm, moist place.  Crab lice.  Disgusting just to write it down.

Not just women, of course.  Every human has warm, moist places.

Oh, but let’s get away from lice, shall we? Read more…

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Social Networking – ie: Facebook, Twitter etc.

I hate them.  Oh, I have signed up for both but I still hate them.  First off, what’s with all this “Friends” business?  These are not my friends.  They are barely acquaintances, much less friends.  So, the term annoys me.  Next, every conversation I’ve followed has been nothing short of  inane drivel.  A total waste of my time.  I don’t care what anybody wore to a party.  I don’t care that they went to a party.  And I certainly don’t care who was at the party.

As for any discussion on sports.  B-O-R-I-N-G.  Sure, I watch the odd football but then it’s over and I move on to other things.  I have a life. 

Is it any wonder girls get conned by someone claiming to be a teenage girl “friend” when in fact it’s some fat, bald, smelly old guy who is breathing heavily and playing with himself while watching these girls’ online bikini pictures.  What are these girls thinking?  That they are so beautiful and will be “discovered” by some Hollywood talent scout?  Fat Chance! 

And you mothers out there – you know who you are.  The ones who dress up 3 year old babies to look like adults and parade them in front of judges.  It’s distasteful, freakish and ghoulish.  You make me sick.  Little girls should be allowed to be little girls.  Same goes for little boys. 

Boy, did I just digress.

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I Love Barack Obama

So what else is new?  There are reports of talks with the Taliban to stop the war.  Well, it should have never started.  Does anyone even remember why it started?  It was to find one person who was believed to have been behind 911 – Osama bin Laden.  But Osama was once an ally.  Suddenly, he’s enemy number one?  Ah, don’t get me started.  After all, there was never any proof that he’d orchestrated it.

Well, those were the Bush & Company days.  Never were such a conglomeration of evil-doers known in modern times.  They all talk about Hitler and how bad he was but he didn’t leave a vast fortune, he didn’t do it for money.  OK, it was ethnic cleansing and that is evil, nobody is denying that but why make excuses for the likes of Bush & Company who have been busy lining their pockets?  I’m sick of hearing “for America and American interests abroad”.  What are “American Interests”, exactly?  Where is “abroad”, exactly?

Still, the right-wing is trying their best to discredit Obama.  Poor Obama.  He sure had his work cut out for him when he took over.  Nothing but corruption at all levels.  The economy both local and global in tatters because of that corruption.  Canada came out of it in one piece thanks only to the former Liberal Finance Minister, Paul Martin, who refused to let the big banks merge.  Otherwise, we would have been in trouble too.

Best wishes, Barack.  You’re a good man.  Keep up the good work.  Get out of Afghanistan and Iraq and let the world live in peace.  And Israel should get the hell out of Palestine.

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Interior Designers Bug Me

Why, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  They always go for the trendy nonsense instead of what’s practical. 

Case in point.  The tucked-in top sheet and blanket/coverlet/comforter – whatever.  I don’t know about you but I hate anything tucked in.  I don’t care how tight the fitted sheet is, when you start tugging at the top sheet and blanket to get into bed, the fitted sheet becomes loose.  As a result it forms folds.  I like my sheet to be tight, rather like the army where they bounce a penny on it. Read more…

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