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Can We Talk?

All Hell is Breaking Lose Over Universal Healthcare

How stupid is this?  “No, I do not wish to be covered.  I wish to die rather than have medical attention”. 

Since it’s still cold outside and my seeds haven’t arrived yet, I thought I’d put in my two cents regarding our dear neighbour to the south.  I have to believe that it’s only a few people that are against socialized medicine.  Honestly.  If you hear me call them morons, don’t be offended.  Those I’m referring to know who they are. 

Why all this kerfuffle?  I can only believe that a lot of folks in the Republican party will lose a lot of money from the pharmceutical and insurance lobbyists.  So, what’s all that screaming about – calling them baby killers and such?  And you wonder why I call you morons.  You’ve been so brainwashed for so many decades, you can’t think logically anymore – assuming you ever could, that is.  OK, that was bad.

I shouldn’t talk, really.  We went through the same thing in Canada back in the 50’s and early 60’s.  If it hadn’t been for a little man called Tommy Douglas, perhaps we’d be in the same situation as the US. Go HERE to read about him.  He had been a preacher before entering politics.  (BTW, he is the grandfather of Kiefer Sutherland.)  Poor Tommy and his CCF party went through the same hate mongering just like Obama and the Democrats are going through today.   A few years ago – 20 years or so after his death, he was voted “The Greatest Canadian” by a national consensus.  There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he certainly was and still is.

I predict, years after Obama’s passing, he will be lauded as “The Greatest American”.

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Americans Are Weird

Let me explain.  This morning I watched a report on CNN about the possibility of the tourist embargo being lifted so Americans can visit Cuba.  What does some idiot add to that?  They would have to lift trade embargo as well because otherwise Americans would have to stay in a Spanish Hotel, drive a Spanish car and – eek – eat Canadian food. 

Say what?  No McDonalds epicurian delights?  No Holiday Inn?  Well, we can’t have that. 

Have you ever?  No wonder the rest of the world looks on them as cave men.

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OBAMA – Man for our Time

Once he gets in, he better not let us down.  We’re counting on him to make things right.  For one, the hating has to stop.  Why are Americans turning on each other?

For another, Americans have to stop being the schoolyard bully.  You can’t exist when most of the world hates you.  You will come to a sorry end.

It’s hard not to seek retribution.  Will the evil regime be allowed to just fade into obscurity, never having to own up to their wrong-doings?  They have commited crimes against humanity.  They are war criminals.  They must be brought to justice.  I have my own deck of cards.

For some unknown reason, nobody seems to be bothered by George Bush Senior.  I remember when Noriega fell from grace after having been on the American payroll for 30 years or so.  Suddenly, they trumped up charges of drug smuggling and spying.  Then, George Senior simply sent the airforce to bomb Panama City killing 800 people.  Who in God’s name, gave him the right to do that?   He was never captured.  Noriega gave himself up.  How about those 800 dead Panamanians?  Does anyone care?  Does anyone even remember?  I think the Bush’s carry an evil gene.  They should not be allowed to reproduce.

I could go on but what’s the point?  Get out and vote for Obama.  He’s a good man.

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Highlights and Disappointments – Europe 2008


Hansi’s 50th Jubilee                                            
People of Polskava                                               
Eagle’s Nest
Getting to know extended family – Zacharias
Hausmanstätten – Zacharias cousins
Day with Rosa, Helga and Alois
Vienna – all of it
Schönbrunn Palace – Dinner at the Gloriette
Mozart and Strauss Concert in Schönbrunn


Hotel in Salzburg – tiny room – €140.00
T-Mobile – phone stopped working 5 days after purchase – could not get a refund
Dublin – all of it

I’ll keep updating as I think of things.

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My Favourite Folk Song

One of the few sentimental folk songs who’s words I partly remembered.  Through the magic of the internet, I found the complete lyrics.  This is where I become a sentimental slob.  I read them and start weeping.  Can’t wait to get there again.

Wilhelm Müller, 1822 (1794-1827)

Am Brunnen vor dem Tore                                             
Da steht ein Lindenbaum                                               
Ich träumt in seinem Schatten                                       
So manchen süßen Traum                                              
Ich schnitt in seine Rinde
so manches liebes Wort
Es zog in Freud und Leide
|: Zu ihm mich immer fort 😐

Ich mußt auch heute wandern
Vorbei in tiefer Nacht
Da hab ich noch im Dunkel
Die Augen zugemacht
Und seine Zweige rauschten
Als riefen sie mir zu:
“Komm her zu mir, Geselle
|: Hier findst du deine Ruh 😐

Die kalten Winde bliesen
Mir grad ins Angesicht
Der Hut flog mir vom Kopfe
Ich wendete mich nicht
Nun bin ich manche Stunde
Entfernt von diesem Ort
Und immer hör ich’s rauschen:
|: “Du fändest Ruhe dort 😐

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