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Can We Talk?

Incessant Music

Now there’s the iPOD and the like, advertising how many songs they can store and how you can listen to music every waking moment of every day. Is it just me or are other people wondering what to do with all that music?

When we’re driving, we hardly ever have the radio on – we talk. When I’m alone in the car, I may listen to an all-talk radio station and only rarely switch to music. I enjoy the quiet. At home I’ll play my CD’s on the weekend while reading the paper or doing crosswords – whatever. If I’m reading a book, I don’t want music to distract me from that place the book is trying to take me to. I need to concentrate. When I’m just vegging, then the music is welcome because it takes me to another place.

Now, back to all that music. Do you really need to listed to music on your cell? Do you really need to be plugged in all the time? Isn’t it bad for your ears to have so much noise entering your poor ear canals? Won’t that make you deaf over time?

Personally, I think the companies that make these gadgets have to keep coming up with new gizmos so the kids will buy them or lay a guilt trip on their parents so they will fork over the money. They wouldn’t want their kids to feel out of the loop. If their friends have these gadgets, they want them too or risk being accused of being a geek – or worse.

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