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Can We Talk?

Lance Armstrong, Sports and Drugs

“You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”

Ever heard that one?  I don’t care how many performance enhancement drugs you take, you cannot take a good athlete and make him a great one. Add to that the agony of cancer treatments and his steel determination to beat it and all other obstacles – in my view, the man is a giant among men.

Leave him alone.

I understand the egos. I understand the resentment his competitors felt over Lance winning seven consecutive Tour de France. Had I been in those races, I would have felt the same – maybe. There had to be something that made him unique. Let me see – what could that be? I know – he took performance enhancement drugs. Get the cheater!

I wonder how many other cyclists in those races also took the same or similar drugs but did not improve their performance. Then could it be something else that made the difference? Could it be talent, fitness and determination?

Leave the man alone.

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