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Can We Talk?

The Wicked Mice Are Dead

This morning, oh happy day, Charlie checked the mouse traps and found two –  count them, two of the critters.  One was dead and the other was only caught by one foot, so was struggling to get away.  Needless to say I hightailed it outside so as to get away from them, especially the live one.  I was on the front porch but could hear Charlie beat the mouse to death outside.  I’m glad he learned something when he was a boy scout – besides looking studly in uniform and chasing girls.

But I digress.

The new traps seem to work better.  Now we have to seal the entire foundation from the outside.  Also we are waiting on an estimate to have the cellar foam-insulated.  That will take care of any critter problem we’ve been having and save a bunch on heating bills.

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