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Can We Talk?

Blogspot Refused to Publish

Get this. The other day I felt really inspired and found myself typing non-stop for about an hour right into a new post like I’m doing now. I read over my work, I edited, I read again and felt a great deal of satisfaction, so I clicked “Publish Post” and guess what? It didn’t publish. I tried time and time again but nothing.

Had I been smart I would have copied and saved it in Word but I didn’t. The good ideas rarely occur when you really need them, do they? So I thought I’d go to the Template and see if there is something there. Well, before I knew what’s what, the whole damn thing disappeared, never to be seen again.

Ask me how mad I was. I was livid. I almost began to think that somebody out there put the hex on me. I got up, fixed a drink, watched TV for a while and cooled down. When I decided to go for it again, I didn’t trust the blog so I entered into my text editor. I don’t really know how to handle this. Maybe I’ll just enter short posts and forget about the reams of things.

To be honest, I later took everything from the text editor and put it into Word and created chapters. It’s easier to read that way. Looks like I’m working on a book instead of a blog. Maybe I’ll be like Stephen King. I understand he never makes an outline. He just starts typing and lets the story tell itself. Sounds creepy, doesn’t it?

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