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Can We Talk?

The Dumb Things People Do

Sitting around talking with a co-worker one afternoon, the conversation got around to why her two front teeth were implants. This was her story:

She had just moved into her new apartment in the city and had gone out to celebrate with her friends. She wore a pair of jeans and a shirt with two breast pockets. They met at a neighbourhood bar. This was a big night for her.

After a few drinks, she decided it was time to go home since she had a lot of unpacking to do. On her way out, she remembered she had no ashtrays at her new place, so she decided to steal a couple of ashtrays from the bar. She slipped one in each breast pocket and proceeded to head out the door.

On her way out, she tripped over the leg of a chair and fell face down on the floor. On the way down, she remembered her ashtrays and, for fear of them falling out of their pockets and having everyone see that she’d stolen them, she put her two hands on her breast pockets so they could not fall out. She crashed on the floor and knocked out her two front teeth.

She had a big dental bill but saved a buck on ashtrays.

Then, another case I heard about. A woman tried to commit suicide by jumping from her fifth floor apartment balcony. Unfortunately, the shrubs below broke her fall and she ended up with a broken back. She’s been in a brace from that day to this.

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