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Can We Talk?

Arrogance = Stupidity

I’ve seen people as well as nations lose it all on account of arrogance.  My first experience in this matter was with my first husband.  He was, at that time, well connected in the ruling party and made a very fine living from his connections.  Everything was coming up roses until that election, when his party lost.  My then husband could not come to terms with that loss. He took it upon himself to try to bring the winning party down. 

Without going into too much detail, let me just say that it was he who was brought down and with it our marriage was ended. Read more…

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What is Family?

We’ve been told, it’s blood that unites us.  I beg to differ.  Were it merely genetics, we would be able to sniff out our relatives, wouldn’t we?  What about adopted children?  The bond between parent and child is strong but has nothing to do with genetics.  The adopted child may want to know his/her birth mother out of sheer curiosity.  It’s always a disappointment.  There is no bond so it’s nothing more than meeting a stranger.  Polite and impersonal.  The parent may get put on a Christmas list of people to send a card to, but that’s pretty much it.

What about your friends, the ones that are truly meaningful in your life?  Are they not family?  Our shared experiences makes us family.  What about your spouse?  What closer relationship is there than that?  Yet, he/she is not a blood relative. Read more…

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Toronto is Going to the Dogs

First of all, condos are going up helter-skelter.  There doesn’t seem to be any planning.  Even the Dome, or Rogers Centre, is being obscured by the damned condos.  Who buys those monstrosities, anyway?  Most of them are so tiny, they’re more like efficiency suites in hotels.  You can’t really live in them in the true sense.  Who can live in 500 square feet, I ask you?  It’s OK for a couple of weeks while on vacation but forever? 

And then there are the, so-called, homeless.  They are everywhere.  They are like an outbreak of acne on the face of Toronto.  Where did they all come from?  They weren’t there a few years ago.  Read more…

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