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Can We Talk?

Christmas 06

This must be the “outcast club”.  My brother-in-law, who is newly divorced and whose children don’t want anything to do with him, spent Christmas with us.  He is a very handsome, tall, slim, 60 year old dentist with a full head of hair. 

My husband, who was married for 28 years before divorcing, is another one whose children barely talk to him.  His sons speak to him on special occasions like Christmas, his birthday, Father’s Day.  That’s about it.  His daughter hasn’t spoken to him in fifteen years, which is about as long as he and I have been together.

My son has his own family problems and is torn between spending time with his daughter from his former wife and spending time with his daughter from a more recent relationship.  So, I don’t see him much either but we’re still very close. 

I don’t talk to my half-sister and my mother has Alzheimer’s and is in a home.

Just your typical dysfunctional family.  Read more…

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