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Can We Talk?

The China Cabinet Story

It’s been quite some time since I posted to this blog.  It’s been a wild time for me as I’ve been very busy trying to fill impossible positions.  There is certainly nothing easy about the work I do.  Some days I feel totally burned out.  Like today, for example.

Last week, we had a court date in Small Claims Court, trying to get our money out of a client that hired someone I presented, under the table.  Everything I stated and proved, he denied.  So now, we go to trial.  I hate this.  Maybe it’s time to get out of the business.

To top it all, I had sold my china cabinet which meant that the contents of same were all over the place – in boxes on the floor etc.  I took a lot of time scouring the internet.  I looked in both eBay and Kijiji.  I was starting to feel defeated. Finally, yesterday I took the bull by the horns and set up a couple of appointments to see a wall unit and a china cabinet.  The wall unit was a piece of crap.  The china cabinet had possibilities but you could tell it was not a quality piece.

I felt depressed.  We drove towards home and decided to hit Brampton Galleries.  We’ve bought from them before and been happy with the quality of their stock.  We were not disappointed this time, either.  There, in a back room stood the china cabinet with my name on it.  It was perfect.  Clean lines.  Mahogany.  Lovely. Bingo, bango, we bought it and am now anxiously awaiting for Wednesday to come as they are delivering it to us then.

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You Mean the American Nightmare

24 billion more dollars have been set aside to fight the war in Iraq.  Meanwhile, 13 million Americans are trying to exist on $5.15/hour.  There is no national health scheme.  If you’re not covered for health insurance at your work, you become a charity case. Read more…

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I watched an interesting movie today.  It starred Walter Matthau.  It was about getting old and all the associated problems.  The plot is not important.  What was of interest to me was the part about smoking marijuana.  One of the elderly gentlemen had cataracts and glaucoma.  Toking gave him his eyesight back, if only for as long as the marijuana was in his system. 

So why all the hype about it?  If it has medicinal qualities, then you should be able to buy it anywhere.  Are the drug companies that paranoid that they won’t let something that grows naturally be available to one and all?  Read more…

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