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Can We Talk?

Change my Viewpoint

I’ve come to the conclusion – finally – that no matter how strongly I feel about something I can’t do a damned thing about it.  So now I will simply close my mind to all unpleasantness and think only happy thoughts.  What do I really care how many people get shot in some school in a university where I don’t know anyone?  Well, I cared but that only gave me stress and a dull headache.  Who needs it?  Who cares how many innocents get killed in Iraq or Afghanistan?  Well, I do but what good is that?  Can’t do a damned thing about it.  Who needs it?

So here’s to happy days and nights, happy smiles on our faces, happiness through and through. 


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Another Bloodbath in a US School

When will the madness end?  When will some brave politician finally outlaw those weapons?  When will somebody finally stand up to the NRA?  Cowards.  There’s no use giving condolences and prayers.  The children are DEAD.  I know if it were one of my children gunned down in that senseless way, I would go insane. 

Don’t give me that crap about guns don’t kill – people do.  Guns are deadly.  In a moment of passion or fury or whatever, guns do their deadly work very efficiently. They must be outlawed, plain and simple.  Gunshops must be put out of business.  Period. 

Every time we drive through the US, I am shocked at the ease with which anyone can get a firearm.  Billboards advertising gun shops.  Big signs over those shops letting you know where to get your weapon of choise.  It’s criminal.  It’s barbaric.  Face it, it’s a country where war is glamorized.  Every dead soldier is called a hero.  It’s a very sick society. 

God help them all.

It starts with the media where “action” movies are lauded.  With the new technology, you can see a man’s brains splatter on the wall behind him.  That’s OK, it seems.  Last night we were watching “Saturday Night Fever” on ACM and all the f words were bleeped out.  Seems that using the f word is a no-no but murder, with all it’s intimate details, is fine.

Good Night.

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Our Crazy Weather

It’s April 16 but it might as well be January 16.  I take that back.  In January the weather was mild.  Seems as though the seasons have shifted.  Last summer didn’t want to end.  Autumn – well – autumn is never long enough.  It’s everybody’s favourite season.  Even after the leaves are gone, there is still something magical about autumn.  Winter didn’t start until over half-way through January.  Now it’s officially spring but you could have fooled me. 

Still, I keep hearing about the warming of the planet.  Could be true.  The earth is ever changing.  It just doesn’t remain the same.  Whether we, as people, had anything to do with it is still up in the air.  Personally, I think it was changing anyway.  That doesn’t excuse our smelly air or dirty rivers and lakes.  People are pigs.  It’s just so easy to throw stuff in the water.  Usually it sinks to the floor of the lake and is gone from sight.  Meanwhile, the garbage piles up.  People are pigs.  While walking one morning, I saw one man, when he’d finished with his coffee, just throw the styrofoam cup on the lawn.  I saw him.  I yelled at him to pick it up and put it in the trash bin, which was a couple of feet from the lazy slob.

Industries are pigs.  They’d rather just dump their crap into the lakes and rivers rather than clean it up and disposing of it in a proper way.  They’d rather spew their crap in the air rather than clean the waste before realeasing it into the atmosphere.  That takes money.  They don’t want to spend the money.  I’d like to see some heavy fines put into place.  Enough is enough.  We want to take back our rivers, lakes, cities, highways and biways.  As long as there are slobs around, that can’t happen.

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Happy Easter

This time of year is, in truth, a season of new beginnings.  Personally, I like the symbolic egg.  The coloring of eggs is a mystery to me but I’m sure there is a story there.  Rabbits, I guess, are used as a symbol of fertility, since we all know how fast they multiply.  All these things make us happy and should be celebrated.

What I don’t like about this season is its affiliation with a person on a cross.  I know, it’s been drilled into my head too, that it is supposed to symbolize a young man, supposedly the son of God, who died for our sins.  You see, that makes no sense to me.  Died for our sins.  What sins?  What does him dying have to do with sins I may or may not have committed.  Yet, this tripe gets drilled into our Christian brains from we know ourselves.  It gets so ingrained that we react without thinking.  We follow like sheep.  We obey.  But who do we obey?  The church, I guess.  The priests, ministers, parsons.  Admen, every one of them. 

If you could drill into each child that he or she should treat others like they would like to be treated, there would be no reason to say anything else.  Every time you question an action, ask yourself, “Is this how I would like to be treated?”  If the answer is no, don’t do it.  If the answer is yes, do it.  It’s not difficult.

It seems with all the rhetoric about loving our neighbours and thou shalt not kill, the reality is just the opposite.  So what is the answer?  In my view, outlaw religion altogether.  What you do in the privacy of your own four walls is your business but as for government sanctioned ministries, temples, mosques, etc.  No.  They should not be allowed – plain and simple.

Besides, do you ever think about the tripe that’s taught?  Awakening the dead, parting seas, turning water to wine, soaring to the heavens from a rooftop.  Give me a break.  Could any person with a fraction of a brain buy that bunk?  But buy they do.  Can’t we just enjoy nature and the beauty in it? 

I cry for the innocents that have perished because of the hatred that’s taught by the so-called holy men.  I cry for every soldier who has been told he is doing something honorable by murdering another.  No wonder they come back home – if they come home – as broken men.

It’s time to put a stop to this.  Wake up this Easter.  Think what it really means.  Try practicing the golden rule and forget everything else.  And, oh, Happy Easter.

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Breast Cancer

I don’t know any woman who isn’t terrified of getting breast cancer – me included – particularly when I was younger.  It’s terrible to think that a symbol of femininity gets lopped off. 

“Studies show” all sorts of things.  Some claim carrying extra weight increases your risk.  Some claim smoking increases your risk.  Some claim eating meat increases your risk.  Nobody claims taking the birth control pill increases your risk.  Nobody.  Wouldn’t want to put the pharmaceutical companies at risk, now would we?

I’m no scientist but it seems to make some sense that when we put extra hormones into our systems, there has to be a side effect somewhere down the road.  Not in all cases, of course.  That would be too simple.  Didn’t everyone sing the praises of hormone replacement therapy to relieve menopausal symptoms?  Then, some years later, didn’t “studies show”, it greatly increased your chances of getting cancer or stroke or some other scary thing?  I say the less foreign matter you put into your body, the better.

I would very much like to have some independent studies taking place.  I’d like them to do a survey of women on the pill and for how many years and how many of them contracted breast cancer.  If the study is done by a pharmaceutical company, it’s worthless.  It has to be neutral in every way.  Let’s hope it will happen one day.

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