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Can We Talk?

The Joy of Spring

A time of renewal in body and spirit.  Things that looked dead for months, suddenly burst with life.  Tender green foliage appears everywhere.  Little buds soon growing into lovely flowers.  The air is still cool and clear.  Spring, like Autumn never lasts long enough.

Soon summer will set in along with the heat, humidity, smog.  I am not looking forward to it.  My hair will be frizzy, my skin oily, my clothes wrinkled.  So what if we don’t have to shovel snow?  I wish there were a way to shovel smog and humidity to make it go away.

Here, beside Lake Ontario, our summers are rarely clear.  The haze caused by humidity gives a grayish cast on everything, making it look like a gray winter day – only hot.  Colours are muted.  Here on the 26th floor we have a birds-eye view of the lake.  On clear days, we can see the Niagara Peninsula.  Oh well, what’s the use of complaining.  Can’t do a thing about the weather no matter what those environmentalists say.  It will do what it will do.  The earth is forever changing.

While on that topic, it would be very nice to see a country free of pollutants.  It would be very nice to have motorized vehicles fueled with hydrogen rather than gasoline.  It would be very nice to have everyone throw their trash into proper receptacles.  It would be nice to have the steel plants treat their refuse before pouring it into Lake Ontario.  It would be very nice. 

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