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Michael Vick – How Could You?

Michael Vick came into this world in what seemed to be a doomed life, with his three siblings and parents living in squalor in a crime infested neighbourhood.  But fate had different  plans for him.  Turned out, he grew into a football hero leading a charmed life.  Fame, money, adoration following him everywhere – a role model for other young people to aspire to.

Then, temptation or greed or bad company or a feeling that he could do no wrong or that laws were for “other people”, took it all away.

How does a star quarterback, having come from the ghettos, been blessed with incredible talent and let’s not forget, luck – make such a mess of his young life? 

Here is some of what has been written about him. “According to court documents filed by federal authorities earlier this month, dog fights have been sponsored by “Bad Newz Kennels” at the property since at least 2002. For the events, participants and dogs traveled from South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, New York, Texas and other states.

Fifty-four pit bulls were recovered from the property during searches in April, along with a “rape stand,” used to hold dogs in place for mating; an electric treadmill modified for dogs; and a bloodied piece of carpeting, the documents said.”

As much as I look at it as some sort of Greek tragedy, Michael Vick is not above the law and, if found guilty, should be punished to the full extent of the law. 

Looks like no matter what happens, Michael’s “charmed” existence has come to an end.

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The Boston Terrier

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I’m told.  I would hardly call the Boston Terrier beautiful.  Not beautiful like some other breeds but you could not want a better companion. Best of all, they shed only minimally. 

Here’s what the American Kennel Club has to say.  “The Boston Terrier
is a lively, highly intelligent, smooth coated, short-headed, compactly built, short-tailed, well balanced dog, brindle, seal or black in color and evenly marked with white. The head is in proportion to the size of the dog and the expression indicates a high degree of intelligence.

The body is rather short and well knit, the limbs strong and neatly turned, the tail is short and no feature is so prominent that the dog appears badly proportioned. The dog conveys an impression of determination, strength and activity, with style of a high order; carriage easy and graceful. A proportionate combination of “Color and White Markings” is a particularly distinctive feature of a representative specimen.”

Interestingly, the Boston Terrier was initially bred for fighting. Not surprisingly given his compact and muscular stature.  He was later downbred for companionship and this is the breed we know now. Because of their short snouts, they do tend to snort and snore. This is harmless although it could frighten the owner.

If you’re thinking of getting this wonderful and faithful companion, click on the link to get additional information.  Boston Terriers Dog Guide Article

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What Is A Zwinky And Why Do You Want One?

What Is A Zwinky:

Here is what I got when I looked it up. A Zwinky is customizable online character. A Zwinky is much like an Avatar but more so. A Zwinky is much like a WeeMee only bigger. Wow.

What Zwinky reminds me of is something we had when I was a kid, back in the Stone Age. Fashion magazines aimed at young girls would offer a picture of a girl to cut from the page of said magazine. Along with the paper “model” came a large wardrobe of clothing we could cut out. Each item had several tabs at various parts of the clothing. We’d hold the item to the model and close the tabs around her. Voila! You changed what she was wearing. Zwinky is like that only digitized and, obviously, made for the Now Generation. It’s fun and it’s harmless. And remember:

  • Zwinky is completely free to download!
  • It’s quick to download Zwinky and easy to create!
  • Chat with your Zwinky friends in a safe environment (Zwinktopia)
  • Huge wardrobes to dress your Zwinkies
  • Brand new Sexy Zwinkies now available (Hottie Zwinky)

Follow any of the links to create and download your Free Zwinky!Once you have created a Zwinky, you can even find other Zwinkies to chat with and add to your friends list. You can create as many Zwinkies as you like, so go ahead and download your Zwinky now.

Zwinky is owned by IAC Interactive whose board of directors are Barry Diller (QVC, Fox Paramount), Edgar Bronfman Jr. (Seagrams), Victor Kaufman (Tri-Star, Sony), John C. Malone (Remember TCI Cable), Alan Spoon (Washington Post) and Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf (Desert Storm) – to name a few. Also, Zwinky is lauded to be kid-safe.  As with all things on the internet, use normal precautions.

When you download a Zwinky, a toolbar will be added onto your computer. This will include a search box that will appear before your address bar, which will make it easier to search for certain web sites. Your Zwinky and other features that are downloaded are available on your computer as soon as you start it up.

Why Do I Want a Zwinky?

First and foremost – all the really cool kids have it. Below are some comments I’ve come across.

“Yes, Zwinky is taking over the internet and no one is going to be able to stop it! Zwink officially launched in December and right away claimed more than 2 million unique users. Those cute little customizable avatars are irrepressible!”

“These Zwinkies are definitely targeted at the MySpace generation and anyone over 35 is probably not going to understand their appeal. Experienced users are also going to be less likely to download that new toolbar which adds features that they don’t want. But for the rest of us, who cares? I want my Zwinkies and I want them now! NOBODY IS GOING TO STOP ZWINKY!

So here is my take on Zwinky. It’s a cartoon character you can dress up to suit your mood. It’s a cartoon character you can dress up to reflect how you feel about yourself, if only for the moment. Once the Zwinky toolbar is installed, it opens up a world of other Zwinky users. You have the opportunity to make new friends with other Zwinky users.

Go ahead. Have some fun.
Install you Zwinky now.

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Last Saturday, I guess it was, when we had the famous 07 07 07 date.  On that day, we were out shopping.  While we were in our favourite bedding store, one of the salesgirls broke out in laughter.  She had been listening to the radio.  It seems that somebody at the racetrack had bet $777.00 on the number 7 horse – and it came in 7th.  God, I bet they didn’t expect that one.  Well, we sure had a good laugh at their expense.  Seems it was also the busiest day for weddings.  Nothing but good luck will befall the happy couples.

This Friday will be the 13th.  Every Friday the 13th, the bikers have a convention in Port Dover.  I, along with two other girls from the camera club will be going.  We leave at 5AM to get there by 7AM.  Shortly after that, the police close the road to car traffic and only motocyles are allowed.  It should be an interesting photo shoot.  I hope.

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