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Rent DVD’s Online

Rent DVD’s online? How ingenious. Once in a while you hear about a good idea. I think this is one of those times.

I hate going to the video store. I guess I’m just lazy but it means driving to the store, looking at shelves of videos and DVD’s, taking them home, watching them and then you have to return them. Another drive out.

This is so much better. You search for the movie you want, put in your order online and kapow, it comes in the mail. You watch them and slip them in the nearest mailbox when you’re done. What could be easier?

Give it a go.  Heck, you even get 2 free weeks trial.

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Meet Singles – Make Friends

Big city living has it’s rewards.  The stimulation of cultural events, live theatre, the hustle and bustle of city life.  It’s exciting. 

The flip side is loneliness.  You can feel very much alone in a crowd. You need to meet other singles like yourself.  Friends to do things with.  But how do you meet other singles? Bars?  Dances? Social clubs? Church?  Furthermore the holidays are approaching. There will be parties to attend and who wants to go solo to those functions? 

Don’t panic.  But, don’t wait, either.  So many people leave it till the last minute.  In November is no time to start looking for friends to share your holidays.  Join EliteMate now.  You’ll meet others just like yourself.  You may just find your soulmate. Click on the image below

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Veiled Women Voting

Well, I don’t think that’s right, do you?  If they can cast their votes while hiding their faces, then I can wear a false nose and glasses and go vote.  Come on.

I don’t give a sweet you-know-what about religion and all that hocus-pocus.  What’s right is right.  It’s bad enough they run around with the head scarf and such.  No style.  No class.  Women held in bondage – looking unattractive.  Why?  So nobody will look at them?  In fact, it has the opposite effect.  Everybody looks at them.  Enslavement – self imposed.  Good night.  Meanwhile, their men can do what they want.  Drink, screw around.  Oh, that’s OK for them to do.

Come on, ladies.  Get a life.  Go shopping. Set yourself free.

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For Your Son or Daughter

Disney gifts are always welcome by children.  Believe it or not, Christmas is coming.  Start thinking about what will make their eyes pop with excitement. Click below and let’s make it happen.

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Curious What Happened to All the Photography Posts?

I started a new blog dedicated to photography, techniques, photoshop, help etc.  Just go to:

Say Cheese

I’m still working out the wrinkles.  Hope to see you there. 🙂

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