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Can We Talk?

Grovelling To The Google God

To be honest, I don’t know what to make of Google.  I had a PR2 on this blog and, suddenly, without notice or reason it’s back to PR0.  Why is that?  I guess I’m getting a little tired of grovelling to the Google God.  Have I offended the Google God by placing advertisements in my blog – other than AdSense, I mean?  Eek.  I sure didn’t mean to do that.  Frankly, I’m looking for an alternative.

Perhaps when a company becomes too popular and too successful, they lose the humility they had at the beginning.  In the old days they called that a swelled head.  That’s the feeling I get from Google, of late. 

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way.

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Working From Home

Well, I’m all for working from home.  Forget the alarm, the traffic jam, the road rage.  You get a lot more done once you’ve got your office properly set up with all the necessary tools of the trade.  Think of the time you waste just communting.

Now, there are times you have to go and see clients.  That’s a given.  But not every day. Most of your work can be done right from your desk in your home-office.  No matter what work you choose, let it be a joy to do.  Life is way too short for doing work you hate.

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