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Can We Talk?

Astrology, Birth Chart And Other Wonders

Astrology has always been followed by most although 99% of those very people would not admit to it.  I’ll bet you read your horoscope almost daily, don’t you?  Me too.

Quite by accident and don’t ask me how this happened, I met an astrologer.  He offered to do my birth chart.  So, I wrote him thinking I’d either never hear from him or that he was full of hooey. 

I was wrong on both counts.  I heard from him, he asked me some detailed questions about my time and place of birth, etc.  About a week later, he was back with two charts.  One was the North Indian format of Vedic astrologers. The other, the Tropical chart of western astrologers.  Along with that came a run-down of what my life had been and where it’s going.

I know you want to know about yours, too.  Well, start by going to his website then see for yourself.  Nobody will know about this, so don’t worry about seeming superstitious.  Your secret is safe.

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