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Can We Talk?

New Newfie Joke – except it’s a true story

Well, didn’t I have a giggle when I read this:

ST. JOHNS (CBC) – A man from Torbay, just outside St. John’s, was being held in jail Thursday morning after trying to rob the same liquor store twice in one day.

Police said the 45-year-old first stole an amount of liquor from a liquor store in the east end of St. John’s on Wednesday morning and got away. He was arrested when he returned to the same store later in the day, to steal more liquor.

He is expected to appear in province court in St. John’s later Thursday to face charges of theft under $5,000, disturbing the peace and breach of probation.

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My Favourite Folk Song

One of the few sentimental folk songs who’s words I partly remembered.  Through the magic of the internet, I found the complete lyrics.  This is where I become a sentimental slob.  I read them and start weeping.  Can’t wait to get there again.

Wilhelm Müller, 1822 (1794-1827)

Am Brunnen vor dem Tore                                             
Da steht ein Lindenbaum                                               
Ich träumt in seinem Schatten                                       
So manchen süßen Traum                                              
Ich schnitt in seine Rinde
so manches liebes Wort
Es zog in Freud und Leide
|: Zu ihm mich immer fort 😐

Ich mußt auch heute wandern
Vorbei in tiefer Nacht
Da hab ich noch im Dunkel
Die Augen zugemacht
Und seine Zweige rauschten
Als riefen sie mir zu:
“Komm her zu mir, Geselle
|: Hier findst du deine Ruh 😐

Die kalten Winde bliesen
Mir grad ins Angesicht
Der Hut flog mir vom Kopfe
Ich wendete mich nicht
Nun bin ich manche Stunde
Entfernt von diesem Ort
Und immer hör ich’s rauschen:
|: “Du fändest Ruhe dort 😐

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Oh Those Crazy News People

Now that the Olympics are on, I’m not hearing another word about air quality.  Gosh, did it just magically disappear on opening day?  Or is the China-bashing useless now that the games have begun?

Well, the news people have something else to jaw about – namely Russia and Georgia.  Why is that?  What is it their business?  I guess their answer would be that it’s news and something about the public’s right to know. 

I think it would be a much better world if people didn’t stick their noses where they don’t belong.  Face it, what’s reported as having been said by ________  (fill in the blanks) and what’s talked about around the dinner table by _________ (fill in the blanks) or over drinks, are two different things.  Politicians will say in public, what they think the voters want to hear.  In private, well, let’s just say I’d like to be a fly on the wall.

I think I’d like to adopt Swiss’ attitude.  Don’t ask. Don’t tell.  Keep out of conflicts.  As a result, they’ve lived in peace for 200 years.  We should be so lucky.  I’m sure the odd Swiss here and there, feels passionately about another nation’s issues from time to time.  So if he/she wants to run off and fight and possibly have their legs blown off – or worse, I guess that is probably their perogative.  But as a nation, their hands-off policy has worked brilliantly.

Let’s hope our leaders mature some day.

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The Olympics Are On

I hope the fog lifts.  I hope the sun shines through.  I so admire the Chinese. Why, you ask?  For many reasons, most of them personal.

As you know, I am a head-hunter.  My job is to place suitable candidates with my clients.  I have never over the years had any of them let me down.  They have always done an outstanding job.  They are hard workers, quiet, they don’t get into the office politics, they mind their own business.  If you tell them something they are not supposed to know, they shyly giggle and it is never mentioned again.  In short, they made me look good.  So if these candidates are any indication of the country they represent, they are certainly on my A-list.

Go China.  One day I hope to visit.

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