Can We Talk?

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Can We Talk?

A Word of Advice to the Obamas

Barack and Michelle, I couldn’t help but notice that your posture is not all it could be, especially you, Michelle.  I suppose that is from always being the tallest woman in the room, but your teen angst should have been dealt with by now.

So, shoulders up, back, down.  Stand strait and tall and proud.  You have every reason to be.

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What can I say?  The people have spoken.  I had hoped it would turn out this way.  I feared it might not have turned out this way.  All the things I feared evaporated as I watched the results come in.  It’s hard to believe that common sense won over prejudice and fear mongering.  Perhaps America did, in fact, grow up. 

Congratulations, President Obama.  May the force be with you.

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