Can We Talk?

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Can We Talk?

President Obama

I am surprised that the media has launched a campaign against him, attacking his policy of transparency.  They got mad because they didn’t asked into the second swearing in.  They got mad because they didn’t get to sit in on a private meeting with his chiefs of staff.  What did they think?  They are not part of his cabinet.  They are reporters.  Know your place!  Did they think they would be part of the inner sanctum?  Idiots.

I feel certain that President Obama is not a man to mess with.  He is all business and all focused.  He’s there to do a job and he will do it.  So, media, back off and let the man do his job! The days of idle gossip and nit-picking are over.  If you don’t back off, the public will hate you, stop buying your newspapers and you will be out of a job. 

You want dirt?  You want to harass?  Try Hollywood.  They thrive on it.

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Can Obama Turn It Around?

I really must stop thinking of Americans as hillbillies.  I never thought they had the sophistication to look past skin colour.  But, they surprised me.  Of course, they had a class A wonderful candidate.  Poor, old, broken John McCain never had a chance.  Then that wingnut Sarah something, only made matters worse.

But honestly, what a hornets nest Barack is stepping into.  Can he do it?  Can he turn it around or is the almighty US of A all but KO’d?  Considering the amount of thievery that’s been going on Wall Street, if you’re not a crook you don’t have a chance to realize “The American Dream”.   The poor schlepps who were so happy they finally owned a house, lose everything while the crooks get a bailout.   Some dream.

Take Madoff.  OK, you can call it greed that lured big money into his web of deceit.  Why is it the SEC never reacted even after their noses were pushed into the evidence?  I believe the SEC was involved in the fraud.  I believe that is why dear Bernie is not in prison as we speak but able to live his life in his mansion apartment.

It’s no wonder we get crankier with the years.  We see this sort of crap and are powerless to do anything about it and the frustration makes us angry.  I hope Obama has the backup he needs to clean up Wall Street or shut it down completely. 

None of us need castles in the sky.

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