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Can We Talk?

The Boys In The ‘Hood

Mike across the street, who works for Parks and Recreation, suggested I come down to the river to take pictures of them taking down a barge.  I did but came too late due to the HVAC guy taking up so much of my time.  So, by the time I got there, they’d finished with that barge and were moving on to another. 

I took off across the bridge and around to where I thought they’d be.  While doing this, I inadvertently went on an adventure.  I discovered some beautiful properties all hidden away and out of sight of the main road.  Wow, little Hastings is full of surprises, isn’t it? 

I stopped at a house and asked for directions to the barge. The man in questioned guided me well and away I went.  I drove down this narrow dirt lane and parked.  Then I walked up a narrower dirt path which brought me to the edge of a cliff looking over the river.  On the barge were several young boys, happily jumping and diving into the river.  (I was glad none of them were my sons as it was a deep drop to the river below) I started snapping pictures and got a few – even of of an osprey in her nest although it was far away and very high.  My 70-200mm lens couldn’t bring it in enough for a clear shot. 

Anywho, I thought I’d include some shots I took.On Bargetaking the plunge

the trentosprey in her nestafter the swim

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On A Quiet Sunday

Sunday, my husband and I were upstairs cleaning windows when we heard a big bang. I looked out and saw my neighbour across the street running and his wife on her cell phone.  I went outside to see what was going on.  People were running from all directions – all of them heading to a heavily treed vacant lot.  By the time I got there (walking) one woman had her arm around a teen-aged girl, comforting her.  The teenager was crying.  Seems she missed the bend in the road and went straight into the bush.  Had her car not come to a stop in time, she would have plunged into the ditch below.

About a minute later, an ambulance came roaring down the street, followed by two fire trucks and police. Charlie waved EMS into our driveway.  The fire and police parked in front of our house. Everybody ended up on our porch so the girl could sit down.  I got a blanket to cover her in case she was in shock.  

It seems this was not the first time someone had missed or misjudged the bend in the road so the EMS folks were not surprised it happened.  The volunteer fire chief introduced himself to us, welcoming us to the neighbourhood.  Earl is a great guy as are all the people we have met so far in this little town. 

As if this wasn’t enough excitement for a day, later that same day, there was a fire down the street.  Again, everyone jumped into action including a man redirecting traffic.  I did not go to see the fire.  I’d had enough excitement for one day.

What amazed me was the speed at which everyone jumped into action.  I was impressed.  The neighbours look out for each other.

So, we went back to cleaning windows and removing a window air conditioner.  I don’t know what it was doing there since we have central air.  At the end of the day, we couldn’t move.  We were dog tired – again.  Seems it’s been like this from the day we moved in.  So much work to get the place to look like it belonged to us.  So much more work ahead.

Oh and just by the way, the teenager was charged with speeding.  Seems the tire marks gave her away.

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Cleaning Up – Making it Ours

I can’t get over the people here.  I have to say I have never met a friendlier bunch.  Just the other day, as I was about to drive out, a woman came walking down the street towards me.  She waived and I waived back.  We walked towards each other and we introduced ourselves.  She welcomed me to the neighbourhood and to the village.  It was sweet.  Pretty soon she asked if I liked wine – huh?  You bet.  Good, she said.  The girls get together every once in a while and drink wine and talk.  Sounds like fun.  Count me in. 

Reading the paper, I discovered there is quite an active camera club in the village.  They meet once a month and usually have about 40 people to a meeting.  The best part?  I can walk there – it’s that close.  I wonder if they all go for coffee after the meeting, the way we did in Mississauga.

Then there’s the issue of the neighbor who cuts our lawn.  We finally bought a mower yesterday.  Today he’s buying gas to put in the gas can so the mower will work.  Oh, the joys of country living.  Well, if we’d had a house in the city, we’d have had to do the same thing.

We’re still in the “clean-up” mode.  The windows are all so dirty.  Unbelievable.  I’ve already shampooed the carpet in my office and in the laundry.  I’ll have to do it over as one stain is being very stubborn and won’t come out.  The outside has not had any love for a long time.  We’re still picking weeds.  This afternoon, I’ll go out and buy some annuals to give the place some colour. 

I can’t finish the sun room until Charlie has the shelves up in the Storage Room.  He can’t put up shelves until he paints the room.  See what I mean?  And that’s just the main floor.  We still have to organize the cellar.  Mostly de-cobweb.  Well a vacuum works well for that.

We’ve been working – physically –  so hard that we just drop into bed at night and sleep like babies.  Incredible what physical exersion will do.

And so the adventure continues.blackberry bushesIMG_2348side of house

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Our New Life In Hastings

It has now been over a week since our sojourn into unknown territory.  We are suffering from a permanent case of exhaustion.  It has been years, if ever, that I have physically worked so hard, lifting, hoisting.  Oh the movers were great but we moved a lot of things ourselves such as china, crystal, silver, pictures.  Even now, we still have many things to do.  There are still boxes everywhere and so much we can’t find.

Yesterday, I did laundry all day long, well, at least until I ran out of water.  I freaked.  Charlie called the previous owners.  Luckily, they live just down the hill from us.  Malcolm, a transplanted Brit, came right away.  He laughed and said to make a cup of tea and, by the time we’ve had it, the water will have come back.  What do I know about wells and how they work?  Just like he said, the water did come back.  OK, lesson learned.  Don’t panic if you’ve overused the well. 

Last Wednesday was Canada Day.  Big doings in little Hastings.  Parades, fireworks, food, music supplied by “Friendly Fire”.  Speakers included MP for the area whose name I forgot – as well as MPP, whose name I also forgot and local councellors making the usual “how great it is to be Canadian” speaches.  Speaking of councellors, we met the councellor, Camille Edwards, who was the previous owner before Malcolm.  She is a lovely lady and it was herself and her late husband who gutted this house and brought it up to code.  They also spared no expense with regards to carpeting, appliances, etc.  Everything is top-of-the-line.  Mind you, I will be making some changes but not major ones.  Camille promised to visit soon.

So, to get back to Canada Day celebrations, because of our exhaustion, we were too late of the parade, although we could hear the music from our property.  We walked to the village and were in time for the speaches, like I said.  We bought some hamburgers and drinks, parked our kiesters by the river and I took pictures.  Later, we had a beer at the Italian restaurant, then slowly made our way home.   Still later, we heard the fireworks and watched them from our porch.  I have to say, it was an impressive sight considering the size of the town.  We were both impressed.

Yesterday, it was July 4th and the American Independence Day.  We’d gone to bed when we heard the fireworks.  Well, there were plenty of American yachts by the Marina and I guess they had their celebrations too.  And so ends the first week of our new life.CRW_5810CRW_5811


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