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Can We Talk?

Warkworth, Maple Syrup and Fiddlin’

It’s back to Standard Time today.  I looked out the window.  For a change, it’s sunny.  Charlie made his usual bacon and eggs feast after which we got ourselves together and headed out to explore our environment.

We drove to Warkworth which is about 15 minutes away.  No matter how you slice it, Warkworth is the centre of the arts in this neck of the woods.  You wouldn’t believe the talent.  We went into a cozy little village shop where I purchased incense and had a nice little chat with the proprietress.  She, too, is a Toronto transplant who’s lived here for 30 years or so.  At this time she’s ready to pack up and join the snowbirds in Florida, for the winter.

Next, we headed to the village bakery where we met some folks we’d met on our first trip into town back in March.  They were happy to see us again and introduced us to a nice woman named Dorothy Caldwell.  She is lovely, quiet, reserved and very friendly.  You’d never know she’s world famous in her field.  Wow.  Her works sells for tens of thousands of dollars.  Unassuming.  I find that with most people we’ve met.

Because Arnold and Jo are coming for Christmas, I thought it would be nice if we could take them on a sleigh ride.  We’d seen the ads in the local magazine so we stopped in on our way home.  Well, Sandy Flat Sugar Bush is 5k from the main road in a very picturesque setting.  We drove up, parked and entered into a homey setting.  Everyone there was Chinese so I thought it might have been a private party and were about to retreat but they urged us to come in.  The Chinese men all turned and smiled and applauded.  Go figure.

Anyway, I thought I’d let the video do the talking.

After the show, we talked to the fiddler.  He’s the proprietor, a  nice man, again very unassuming.  He has a huge property full of maple trees.  His maple syrup has won a gazillion awards and his ribbons are everywhere.  This is a very prosperous establishment.

I asked if there would be sleigh rides at Christmas.  He said it all depends if there’s snow.  I guess that makes sense.  So, here’s hoping there will be snow.

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We didn’t know if anyone would show up for trick or treat but Charlie bought a big box of mixed chocolate bars – all my favourites, I might add.  Well, if nobody comes,  I’ll eat them. They won’t go to waste, in any case.

Porch lights on, fresh candle in the pumpkin, we waited.

And they came.  Yes, we had seven sets of children.  Maybe it doesn’t sound like much but we are in the country so it turned out we had a good turnout.  We were delighted.

And what topped the evening off, the doorbell rang, when I opened it, it turned out to be a group of neighbours.  They all yelled “Happy Halloween!”  What a lovely surprise.  They were watching the hockey game and decided to surprise us.  What a great bunch of people.  With the exception of one person, they are all transplanted city folk.

Ah, the lure of the country.neighbours

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