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Can We Talk?

A Classy Gentleman

Ever heard the expression “He’s got class” or “He’s a gentleman”?  What do they mean?  Do they mean he has more money than you?  Do they mean he has better manners (social skills) than you? 

I was married to a man who claimed he had “class”.  His father was a lawyer and he was a business owner.  He was excellent at flattery and I could not believe how easily people, especially women, were disarmed by it.  He told jokes that he laughed at harder than anyone else.  Our house was “open house” every night of the week.  Liquor flowed like water and food was always plentiful.  The house was packed with freeloaders who would eat, drink and talk crap for hours without ever having spent a cent.  I know they laughed behind his back.  To them he was a putz ever needy of an approving audience.

They should have been married to him.  Oh joy.

When the door closed and we were alone, a different animal emerged.  He became sullen and bullish.  We never had sex unless he wanted it – never mind my needs.  He took ten second showers followed by splashes of cologne so you could smell him coming and going.  He never, ever lifted the toilet seat to pee.  I can’t tell you how many times I sat on a wet seat.  I usually took care to wipe it clean before sitting down but there were times, I’d forget. 

Still, he thought of himself as classy and a gentleman.  I guess he figured he had more money than you and that’s all it that mattered.

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One Modest Belch, Endless Green Moralizing

Ancient mankind saw volcanic eruptions as punishment from the gods. Now we know better – no thanks to the media and European leaders

Globe and Mail Update Published on Friday, Apr. 23, 2010 5:00AM EDT Last updated on
Friday, Apr. 23, 2010 5:09AM EDT

Hundreds of years ago, before the 19th-century birth of the science of volcanology, mankind saw volcanic eruptions as warnings or punishments from the gods. The gods were literally blowing their tops, spewing forth fire and rocks and ash to express disgust or disappointment with mortals’ habit of messing things up. Read more…

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