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Can We Talk?

Toronto’s Finest Keystone Kops

OK, so I wasn’t glued to the TV all weekend to see the G20 demonstrators.  I saw enough on the news each night.  I have only one question – where were these cops when the hooligans were breaking windows and burning cruisers?  I didn’t see any cops anywhere.  What, they all huddled somewhere safe?

I’m so disappointed.  I don’t want to hear any excuses about the “Black Bloc” and how they overwhelmed the cops.  Come on.  What do they teach you in Police School?  How to look swell in uniform?  You had all the right gear.  Why didn’t you shoot a few of those creeps?  What’s with using kid gloves on hooligans and bullying spectators?  You should be ashamed Bill Blair.  I think the police force should pay for damages done.  You were totally inept.

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