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Can We Talk?

I Love Barack Obama

So what else is new?  There are reports of talks with the Taliban to stop the war.  Well, it should have never started.  Does anyone even remember why it started?  It was to find one person who was believed to have been behind 911 – Osama bin Laden.  But Osama was once an ally.  Suddenly, he’s enemy number one?  Ah, don’t get me started.  After all, there was never any proof that he’d orchestrated it.

Well, those were the Bush & Company days.  Never were such a conglomeration of evil-doers known in modern times.  They all talk about Hitler and how bad he was but he didn’t leave a vast fortune, he didn’t do it for money.  OK, it was ethnic cleansing and that is evil, nobody is denying that but why make excuses for the likes of Bush & Company who have been busy lining their pockets?  I’m sick of hearing “for America and American interests abroad”.  What are “American Interests”, exactly?  Where is “abroad”, exactly?

Still, the right-wing is trying their best to discredit Obama.  Poor Obama.  He sure had his work cut out for him when he took over.  Nothing but corruption at all levels.  The economy both local and global in tatters because of that corruption.  Canada came out of it in one piece thanks only to the former Liberal Finance Minister, Paul Martin, who refused to let the big banks merge.  Otherwise, we would have been in trouble too.

Best wishes, Barack.  You’re a good man.  Keep up the good work.  Get out of Afghanistan and Iraq and let the world live in peace.  And Israel should get the hell out of Palestine.

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