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Can We Talk?

Vote for Obama

I still love Obama.  He did what no other president had been able to do – create a national health scheme.  Come on.  A country like the USA with no universal health care system?  An outrage.  Shame.  Little Cuba has universal health. Every other civilized country in the world has universal health.  There is literally no illiteracy in Cuba, either.  University is free.  Well, sort of.  A friend of mine explained it.  He went to university in the morning and worked in the sugar cane fields in the afternoon.  So, sweat equity.  Fair enough.

Why did Socialism get a bad rap?  Without some socialism you have a country without a heart.  Great if you’re the guy at the top of the heap calling the shots.  Anywhere else, you’re just a serf bowing to your master.

As much as I loathe killing, there is a time when it is appropriate.  It took Obama to hunt down bin Laden.  That should have happened at the very start instead of invading Afghanistan and dropping bombs.  You drop bombs on a nation because you’re after one man?  Cowards.  Feeling safe up there in your bombers shooting people at random.  Feeling good, eh? Powerful.  Might is right.  Cowards.

Obama is a  good man.  He works hard.  When there is a problem anywhere in the country, he is there to see the damage himself.  He’s there right away – not months later.  He keeps his nose clean.  He is admired all over the globe.  Lucky Americans to have a man like Obama at the helm. I envy you.  And his wife is equally awesome.  What a couple.

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