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Can We Talk?

On Being A Grandmother

How did that happen?  I always, and in some respects still do, consider myself young.  When you’re young you can be a mother or an aunt but not a grandmother.  And, no matter what euphemism you use, be it Oma or Nona or whatever, you’re still a grandmother.  Therefore, I have decided my granddaughters who, from this moment on shall be referred to as my nieces, will call me Aunt.  Yes, they will.

They are all beautiful in their own way but the one who is stealing my heart is the latest one.  She is such a sweet bundle of joy.dancing kate at 2 months. I only hope her parents raise her with a lot of love and good manners.  Nothing is more off-putting than an ill-mannered spoiled brat.  When one of them visits, I can’t wait for them to leave and I feel like slapping the parents.

But I digress.

So, like it or not, the years go by, your children become adults, marry and have babies of their own making us grandparents.  The torch is passed.  They will follow the same route as have millions of generations before.  The circle of life.

Well, now that I’ve managed to depress myself, I think I’ll have a look in the freezer for that chocolate chip ice cream I’ve been eyeing.


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