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Can We Talk?

Blogging For Money The LinkyLoveArmy Way

I am probably the world’s most sceptical person so when I get even a little excited about something, you should listen. Blogging for Money is possible. And it’s possible to even make a living at it provided you work at it. Like anything in life, you get results when you apply yourself.

We all want to make a few dollars – or – more than a few, by doing what we love.  Obviously, blogging is what we love doing. I’ve known Brett through the blogger network ever since I started blogging over a year ago. He was and still is the answer man. He’s helped me out of more than a few scrapes, especially at the beginning when everything seemed so strange.

He has started something called the LinkyLoveArmy. No, it has nothing to do with the military and in this case Love refers to money. We could all do with a lot more love, wouldn’t you agree?  I’ve done several projects for him and have been very happy with how they turned out.  Brett pays well and, best of all, fast. 

So, find out how you can add to your own personal bottom line by clicking on the love button below.

linkylovearmy That way you can read all about it and then I’m sure you’ll want to take it to the next level and sign up. One thing to consider – you must enjoy writing.  Well, you must otherwise you wouldn’t be a blogger.  Right?  So click away and start making money the LinkyLoveArmy way.

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