Can We Talk?

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Can We Talk?


MeA collection of anecdotes, opinions and rantings.  Feel free to express yourself.  Dialogue is good

I am a head-hunter by profession – a wife and mother by choice, and a grandmother by design (not mine).

When I’m not hunting heads, I am out and about somewhere, taking pictures.  When I’m not doing that, I write stories – short stories – family history stories and, of course, blogs. I belong to a creative writer’s group and we meet once a month. I try to work out daily, although sometimes I get lazy and have to give myself a good, swift kick. 

My dream is to move to the country, something with plenty of acreage. I’m tired of city life, the noise and pollution. I guess I’d miss my friends. Hmmmm, maybe I’ll think about that a little longer.

Well, enough about me. Enjoy your life. We are here for only a very brief stay.