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Can We Talk?

Al Gore, The Self-Anointed Environmental Saint

I’ve been seeing him lately, ranting about the environment.  All he needs to do now is carry a picket sign with the words “Repent Sinner. The End Is Nigh”  Overkill.  On top of which he looks like a drunk.  His face is red and bloated and he looks like he just woke up from a major bender.  Quite a change from that straight-laced, stiff, robotic stance of yesteryear.  But what bugged me even more is what he said lately.  “America is the natural leader of the world”  Hugh?  America is a royal pain in the ass, especially if you live next door in Canada.  Especially since Dubja’s entry into the equation.  There’s no way anyone follows it’s lead. Time to get off that soapbox and face reality.  Time for me to get off that soapbox too.

Poor Al, he’s had a hard time since being Veep.  Living in Bill Clinton’s shadow must be tough.  We hadn’t heard from dear old Al in seven years.  Meanwhile, Bill is making oodles of money on speaking tours.  He’s involved in all kinds of humane causes.  Every time he appears anywhere, people rush to see him.  He has become a star, a folk hero.  All the while, making more money than he had ever dreamed of making.

All this time, no sign of Al.  Suddenly, he emerges as the friend of the planet.  He’s corny and transparent.  Maybe he’s hoping to make some money on speaking tours.  Maybe he’s hoping somebody will buy his book.  Poor Al.

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