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Can We Talk?

And Speaking of Head Hunting

The other day I was interviewing a nice young Chinese man with degrees up the yin yang who had trouble finding the job he wanted. Seems that the MBA has held him back to some degree, since he discovered his real love is sales. Once upon a time (and not that long ago), MBAs, like PhDs, were a rarity. Now, every other person or so has more than a BA. If someone could come up with a degree higher than a PhD or a fellowship, you’d find over time there would be more and more students going for it. Nowadays someone, with only a high school education, is in the minority. But I digress.

So this young man is being interviewed by other head-hunters like myself and nothing is happening. I asked if said head-hunters were young. (I find that inexperienced personnel recruiters will be afraid of using their own judgment and are apt to follow the lead of an older, more experienced, person in the company. If this older, more experienced person feels that all Chinese lack verbal communication skills because of their difficulty with our consonants, or that all East Indians smell of curry, he or she will pass these prejudices on to the inexperienced recruiter.) Again, I digress.

My young Chinese candidate said, “No, they were old. One was at least 36 or 37 and the other around 30 or 32.”

Ah, life is nothing but perception. When I was 12, 30 seemed very old. When I was 30, 60 seemed old. Now that I am 63, 85 doesn’t seem that old anymore. Not as long as one has a positive outlook and enjoys good health. In my opinion, all of life is how we perceive it. There is no real, concrete truth. Truth, like everything else, is but an opinion. My truth is different from your truth. It depends on whose window you’re looking out of.

It is said there are three sides to every story – yours, mine and the truth. I say there are as many sides to a story as there are people involved in the story. If you can find a common denominator of all the opinions of all the people involved, I guess that would be as close to the truth as you could get.

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